Dignitas Ladies’ Club

26 Martie, 2014 5:24 pm



“We Want Normalcy, Not Equality! It has been given to us by God.”

On Wednesday, March 26th 2014, the launch of the “Dignitas Ladies’ Club” was held at the headquarters of the Dignitas Foundation at 21, Anton Pann Street. The ladies who took part in the event were members of the Foundation, special guests, women who have achieved success in various fields of activity, representatives of several NGOs, cultural institutions, the media, ministries, embassies etc.

It was a moving evening, which bore the patina of times of yore, but glamorous nonetheless, and was marked by the signing of the club’s “Birth Act,” drawn up by Professor Verginia Verdinas, PhD, the Honorary President of the Foundation and founding member of the DLC, following which the other DLC founding members were introduced: Dr. Alice Florescu-Bleotu, Mrs. Roxane Lalague, vice-president of UFE [The Union of French Expats], Mrs. Mariana Staicu, Mrs. Iulia Gorneanu, Atty. Daniela Chiriac, Atty. Irina Voicu.

The evening continued with a short history of Woman’s Day, as seen by Dr. Alice Florescu-Bleotu, with musical stanzas woven together into Romanian stories and legends and delivered by two remarkable performer, Mrs. Doina Lavric and Mrs. Lorena Nechifor, as well as with a moment of performance reading, featuring some of the March-related Romanian myths and traditions, among which the “Martisor” [March amulet], the “Babele” [Crones], the “Mosii”[Geezers],  the “Ziua Sarpelui” [Serpent’s Day], the “Alexiile” [The Feast of Saint Alexie], the Spring Equinox, the Annunciation… all of which came alive through Mrs. Iulia Gorneanu’s delivery – herself a synthesis of striking femininity blended into a strong individuality.

The Foundation, and the inauguration of this Elite Club, as well as its purpose, were graced with supportive addresses by Mrs. Irina Halina Cornisteanu, the Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute – headquartered in Vienna, Mr. Nicolas Don, journalist, Mr. Alin Galatescu, a connoisseur of all things “feminine”.

Like all the other projects unrolled by the Dignitas Foundation, the Ladies’ Club assumes the role of promoting DIGNITY, as a fundamental human value, and, through the activities it will initiate, the cultural, literary-musical-artistic, and not least of all scientific soirees in particular, it aims to provide “soul food,” both for the ladies themselves, and their guests and other participants.

”We want normalcy, not equality!” is one of the core principles laid down in the “Birth Act.”

Today, the WOMAN proves her creative and decisive power, the prominent part she plays in our society that never stops moving and morphing, while impressed at the same time with her own innate brand of protective family awareness and innovative spirit.