The First Public Meetings of the Excellency Club for the youths

6 Aprilie, 2014 4:58 pm

Club Tineri

On Thursday, April 10th, at 7 PM, you were invited to access our site at, where you could watch a live-streamed showcasing of the finest creations hailing from great Romanian minds, which were presented by their authors at the first event in the series titled “The Public Meetings of the Dignitas Excellency Club for the Youth.” Representatives of the business community and experts from the field of public policy offered their perspective on the worthiness and potential for societal valorisation of these innovative products in Romania.

The public meetings of the Dignitas Excellency Club for the Youth: Here, Romania! – On the National Hallmark and the Country Brand.

The first meeting of the Dignitas Excellency Club for the Youth, kicking off a series of actions devoted to supporting innovative projects with untapped potential for impact, was held on Thursday, April 10th, at 7 PM, at the headquarters of the Dignitas Foundation.

The event was live-streamed on and

Partners: Money Channel ,,  Radio Romania Cultural, The “Economistul” Magazine

The meeting was attended by the members of the Excellency Club, representatives of the Dignitas Business Club, the projects’ authors and supporters, governmental representatives and journalists.

The first projects that the club members earmarked for presentation before the community which comprises experts in business, education, culture and entrepreneurship aim to impact the following fields: enhancing results yielded by our natural and cultural heritage (social entrepreneurship in community-based tourism), social entrepreneurship in education, applied research and IT entrepreneurship (start-up).

The club members and special guests interpolated after each presentation with applied feedback, observations, comments, and suggestions for further development.

The discussions prompted by the projects outlined beforehand focused on the perspective ensuing from the theme of this event series, namely, adjusting Romania’s image to better reflect the proven, yet unexploited, realities on the ground – by shining a light on the paramount potential of Romanians’ intelligence, their initiatives and creativity.

The next step will consist of a period of collaboration with the projects’ authors, with a view to promoting and developing the projects and drawing resources their way.

Of all the projects that have and will be showcased at the club’s monthly meetings, some will be chosen to be presented at a later, project-focused event under the aegis of the Dignitas Business Club, so that they might receive the backing they require moving forward.

If you wish to pitch a project at one of the monthly meetings of the Dignitas Excellency Club for the Young, please send us a statement of purpose, so that your project be admitted into the selection process, at

Access to the club’s events is granted via invitation only. Those looking to attend should send their request for participation at

Watch the footage from the event here: