National Dignity and Identity in the 21st Century – On People, Symbols, Ideas and Historical Facts

21 Martie, 2014 1:38 pm


On Monday, November 25th 2013, the Dignitas Foundation organized a colloquy on “National Dignity and Identity in the 21st Century – On People, Symbols, Ideas and Historical Facts.” Colloquy held in honor of Romania’s Great Union Day

“Every people and every age stand on the shoulders of times gone by.” (Mihai Eminescu)


In an age defined by the hallmarks of cultural diversity and globalization, national identity, as the keystone of a people’s dignity, needs to take up the gauntlet of constructive redefinition. Between the allure of depreciation and that of the aggressive oversell, runs the middle path of wise resistance, which we go down by recovering our values, rebuilding our national conscience and creatively renewing the message we convey to other peoples.


Throughout history, at different times and in various contexts, this mission has been assigned to generations living on a cusp between ages. Well aware of the significance of this social and cultural work, the DIGNITAS Foundation takes on the task of bringing the contributions made by the cultural, artistic and scientific elites to the fore of the Romanian public life, in such a way as to draw the enthusiasm, dynamism and creativity of the young generation into this loving, patriotic act.

About the Event

To mark Romania’s Great Union Day, the DIGNITAS Foundation organized a colloquy under the heading “National Dignity and Identity in the 21st Century – On People, Symbols, Ideas and Historical Facts.” The event took place on Monday, November 25th 2013, between 4:30 and 8:30 PM, at the foundation’s headquarters on 21 Anton Pann Street, 3rd District, Bucharest.

Among those attending the event were journalists from trade publications who ensured the participants’ message would reach the general audience, while the event itself was live-streamed over the Internet.

The proceedings included academic addresses, a debate moderated by the Dean of the History College, Mr. Adrian Cioroianu, the grand opening of the DIGNITAS exhibition centering on national symbols, officiated by Academy member Razvan Theodorescu, the entrusting of an identity-asserting piece to the National Museum of Romanian History, which custodianship was accepted by its director, Dr. Ernest Oberlander-Tarnoveanu, artistic entr’actes featuring notable Romanian artists, and, finally, a round of casual confabs over a bite to eat, which recreated a spread from Bucharest’s olden days.


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