Dignitas Excellency Club for the Young – strategic project

21 Martie, 2014 1:29 pm

lansare club tineri

On Friday, February 28th, as part of its new project, “The Dignitas Excellency Club for the Young” the Dignitas Foundation initiated a debate titled “Stimulating Professional and Moral Excellence – Experiences and Initiatives.”

The dialogue flowed freely, informally, like a collective creative performance, bringing together special guests and experts, prompting their sharing of success stories and encouraging an exchange of experiences between those coming from diverse public/academic/cultural backgrounds (USA, Canada, China, EU); also among the attendees were young professionals/entrepreneurs, all members of the initiative group pioneering the Dignitas Club for Excellency who will serve as future mentors for high school and college students boasting outstanding accomplishments and potential; lastly, high school and college students, high scorers in national competitions, who are participating in the Foundation’s internship, mentorship and shadowing program – all in all, we welcomed over 30 people.

There was joy in sharing remarkable experiences and ideas, there were high spirits and surprise written all over the youngsters’ faces as, for the first time, they were chancing on people who, modestly and optimistically, inspire and bring change to the world they inhabit. We welcome them among us, with their ideas, projects, trials, and a desire to provide or receive support for life and career endeavors.

The discussions led us through the topmost talking points relating to entrepreneurship, art, science and technology, civic action.

Joining the youngsters, as usual, was Dr.-Ing. Florin Munteanu, founder of the Center for Complex Studies, who launched a challenge conducive to changing the existing paradigms. “It was an exceptional evening! So much energy! So much skill and competency honed in the world’s most prestigious Universities! Such a palpable desire for self-assertion, for the community’s elevation and for the promotion of Romanian culture! Plus, an unmatched venue that the Dignitas Foundation put at our disposal.” – Dr.-Ing. Florin Munteanu

The Dignitas Excellency Club for the Young is a project set up by our Foundation as an informal environment enjoying the backing of the Dignitas Business Club, of the Foundation’s management and its network.

Our goal in this pursuit is to support and promote the initiatives, the life and career projects of the young Romanian generation, living both here and abroad, with a view to fostering performance, as well as building professional and moral elites.

More on the Internship Program Run by the Dignitas Foudation:

The Dignitas Foundation’s network of professionals is playing an active part in nurturing the professional development of young high schoolers and university students, by offering internships, mentoring and shadowing programs to the pupils and students involved in the Foundation’s events over the last year.

The program got under way on January 1st 2014 and will unroll over a one-year period. We are thus facilitating young aspiring specialists’ access to the knowledge and expertise accrued by professionals in leading Romanian and foreign companies.

The program’s first beneficiaries are:


Lucia Marin and Andreea Ricu, students at the Faculty of Law

Andreea Stoicescu, student at the Faculty of Philosophy

Alexandra Antonescu and Andreea Albu, students at the Academy of Economic Sciences

Gabriela Ursu and Fabiana Florescu, students at the Faculty of Letters


 Chirita Elena, high-school student at Matei Basarab National College

Catalina Mocanu, high-school student at Gheorghe Lazar


 Cristian Neagu, MA student at the Academy of Economic Studies


Chirita Elena, eleva CN Matei Basarab

Catalina Mocanu, eleva Gheorghe Lazar


Cristian Neagu, masterand ASE