Local Capital and Sustainable Economic Growth

21 Martie, 2014 1:27 pm

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On Wednesday, April 30th, at the Hilton Hotel, the Dignitas Business Club organized the conference on “Local Capital and Sustainable Economic Growth,” a debate about coherent investment, the strategic use of local capital and sustainable business development. Among those who attended were the representatives of top-tier Romanian and foreign companies, diplomats, journalists and members of nongovernmental organizations.

This marked the second meeting in a series of events the Dignitas Foundation is organizing in an effort to boost investment in the Romanian economy.

The following notables took part in the panel discussion that tackled sources of financing available for companies:

Adrian Vasilescu – BNR

 Florin Trăila – Air Wings Company

 Mihai Sofian – The Forum of Local Investors

The economic analyst Radu Soviani and the journalist Loredana Popescu acted as moderators throughout the talks. The debate enjoyed the participation of:

His Excellency Mr. Philippe Beke, the ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgia in Romania, gave his take on Romania’s economy and shared Belgium’s experience.

Petrica Diaconu – director Apa Nova

 Liviu Rogojinaru (The National Council of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Romania) addressed state policies.

 Cristian Parvan (The Romanian Association of Business People) tackled the policies needed to boost the confidence of Romanian investors and SMEs.

Filip Carlea – Executive Director of the Forum of Local Investors talked about the vital role association has in promoting the interests of Romanian investors.

Dragos Preda (The Ministry of Youth and Sports) spoke of the need to draw on other countries’ experiences when elaborating policies for stimulating young people’s entrepreneurial initiatives.

Verginia Vedinas, Univ. Prof. Dr. at the Faculty of Law within the University of Bucharest, pointed out the importance of the initiative taken by the Dignitas Foundation in creating a framework for supporting the expression and interaction of Romanian companies.

Florin Munteanu (President of the Center for Complex Studies) referenced two paradigms of use when drawing up economic policies: thrust policies versus pursuant policies.

 Tommaso Busini, General Director of Confindustria Romania, expounded on the experience of Italian investors.

The conference initiated an interactive and constructive work process connecting top companies, entrepreneurs, bankers, politicians and, last but not least, nongovernmental organizations that can supply a context of reason-based dialogue from which viable solutions might ensue.

These conferences are the means through which the Dignitas Business Club can create opportunities and channels to help Romanian companies connect and express themselves, in furtherance of their unfettered and publicly asserted definition of, and agreement on, a vision on the development of the Romanian economy, which targets the primary areas for the fortifying regulation of the economic environment: policies for taxes and dues, energy policies, banking policies, commercial legislation and labor regulations.

Making politicians in key decisional positions aware and accountable as regards the role of entrepreneurship is of the essence, inasmuch as there needs to be an accurate understanding of the only way we can attain our common goal of bolstering the quality of life for all – namely, though a well-oiled partnership between the private sphere and the state, where each of the factors involved plays its part in a correct and efficient manner.

The debates were centered on topics relating to bank financing, governmental and European nonrefundable financing, resources secured from business angels and foreign investors, as well as to the part played by investors in business development.

An artistic performance by the All’s Choir ensemble marked the end of the evening, followed by a well-deserved networking session, over cocktails.

The project which was launched last year, in October, will push forward with two more events and an awards gala honoring the most successful economic initiatives, both to be held by the year’s end.

The Dignitas Business Club aims to forge a common platform for the convergence and pooling together of all initiatives advanced by parties who show an interest in drawing up and implementing coherent strategies for Romania’s sustainable development.

The goal targeted by the Dignitas Business Club is to bring various aspects regarding the future of the Romanian economy to the public eye, to identify problems and seek solutions with a view to creating a stable and stimulating economic landscape, by means of forming theme-specific think tanks which engage the participation of not only business people, but also entrepreneurs, scientists, economists, decision-makers from both the central and local public administrations, representatives of the non-governmental sector, opinion leaders, as well as professionals operating in various fields.

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