The Message Delivered by Mr. Calin Georgescu at the Launch of the Dignitas Foundation

21 Martie, 2014 1:15 pm

Calin Georgescu

“I would like to attest to the composure and lucidity evinced by the Romanian people in running the gauntlet of hardships which, though plaguing this people all throughout its tumultuous history, haven’t stopped it from always hanging on to its spirit.

This time too, it can face the adversity of our current times head on, confident in its prerogative and its destiny. Each and every time, it has remained true to itself, always soaring high and staying open, never going into freefall.

… When we talk about morally arming our youth, we obviously must consider their role models. There are still paragons of rectitude and devotion in this country, only they aren’t the ones thrust in the public eye, and younger audiences in particular get to see none of them.

Our country has offered the world great names and well-respected leaders, just one of whom I’d like to point out, King Ferdinand, who said: “Reflecting together as one is the only way to guaranty a nation will heartily thrive.